Pastor's Desk

"Twelve is the year of the L!"
Love, Leadership, Lineup, and Live

The L has a lot of meaning for this year!
Make these declarations for the year of 2012 and watch God move!
  1. Bell ~ The bell is ringing a beautiful sound in 2012. Church bells, wedding bells, no more silence in 2012!
  2. Cell ~ Cells are opening up in 2012. Cells of bondage, lack, and sickness!
  3.  Jail ~ Jails are opening up in 2012. Your loved ones will be set free in 2012 both naturally and spiritually!
  4.  Dwell ~Families, churches, and communities need to dwell together in unity in 2012!
  5.  Dell~ Meet Mr. Dell in 2012 ~ Get connected in 2012!
  6.  Fail ~ I will NOT Fail in 2012!
  7.  Pail ~ Put out your pail In 2012 and receive what God has for you in 2012 (Matthew 6:33)!
  8.  Tell ~ Tell someone you love them and tell the truth in 2012. Tell about the goodness of Christ!
  9.  Hell ~ I am not going to let anyone go to hell in 2012 teach the gospel in 2012!
  10.  Zeal ~ I am going to get my zeal and my joy back in 2012 (Nehemiah 8:10)!
  11.  Shell ~ Creation from God (Genesis 2:7)!
  12.  Sell ~ Sell out for Jesus in 2012!
At your service,
Pastor James L. Taylor

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